Daily Briefing October 17, 2018


We need the help of every New Yorker to save small business in NYC. Gentrification and greedy land lords are forcing the closure of small business all across the city. The Small Business Jobs Survival Act (SBJSA) is a bill that has been introduced in the NYC City Council that would give commercial tenants three specific rights: A minimum 10-year lease with the right to renewal, so they can better plan for the future of their business. Equal negotiation terms when it comes time to renew their lease with recourse to binding arbitration by a 3rd party if fair terms can not be found. Restrictions to prevent landlords from passing their property taxes on to small business owners. The law would create a quick step by step process to arrive at fair lease terms. One which is controlled by both parties and can be stopped at anytime by mutual consent. An arbitration process, which gives both parties equal opportunity to present their arguments for their reasonable terms of the lease. A process which takes into consideration the unique nature of every business and every business community, where the arbitrator’s decision is guided by strict criteria and based upon a case by case situation to decide fair and reasonable lease terms. Below is a list of City Council members, please call them and tell them to pass the Small Business Jobs Survival Act without changes.

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