NY City Council and Mayor Play Three-card Monte with the Public

Fight for NYCHA joins with others in a discussion about the Three-card Monte game our political leaders play on the public.

Communities are sick of the rezonings, and tensions are growing. With every rezoning so far, affordable housing has been promised, but instead, apartments are high-jacked with deceptive AMI ratings. Take Red Hook for example, where we are head-quartered; the AMI in Red Hook is $107,000. Why is it so high you ask? Because Red Hook is combined with Cobble Hill and Park Slope where the residents are more upscaled. So if affordable housing were offered here, most of the residents in the neighborhood would not be able to pay their rents.

Now we come to NYCHA. For years, our Federal Government, as well as the other levels of government, have let NYCHA rot. Mayor de Blasio wants to utilize the RAD system, which is a program Obama put in place to save Public Housing, or at least that is what he claimed. When you watch this video, you will see what it is really doing to Public Housing. Collectively, this group believes that Council members have too much power. The communities belong to the people, not Council Members nor developers.

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