An Innocent Man, Anthony Sims, Fights for His Freedom

For 23 years, Anthony Sims has been behind bars for a crime his lawyers say they can prove he did not commit. Sims' lawyers say the prosecutors held back information that would have proven his innocents. Including police reports and the testimony of an eyewitness that would have proven Sims to be innocent. Mark Hale, the prosecutor in the Sims case, currently leads the Conviction Review Unit. It is the unit that investigates past convictions for wrongful prosecutions. We are looking at the fox in charge of the hen house. When Sims applied for relief in the past, he was denied. Hale should not be reviewing his past prosecutions. Hale's stewardship is a conflict of interest. Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez can and must step in and replace Hale from his current position. Sims is only one of several Hale convictions being reviewed by the Conviction Review Unit. Therefore, the DA must establish an independent outside review process. Meanwhile, Gonzalez has done nothing to change this situation. To help bring Anthony home contact: [email protected] Call Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez and tell him to release Sims. The phone number is 718-250-2001

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