Councilman Approves Rezoning

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Councilman Menchaca's decision to approve 737 4th avenue will bring 33 affordable apartments to Sunset Park, and for those 33 families, I am pleased. What the decision also brings is further gentrification of 4th avenue. Over the years, we have witnessed high-rise towers expanding along 4th avenue; and part of IC's rezoning was to work in tandem with that growth. And with that will come more expensive retail businesses in the community. These luxury stores will push out the smaller family-run business owners. As this process continues, the people in those affordable apartments will no longer afford to live in Sunset Park. The city council must stop REBNY from destroying the communities of this city. And it must not allow Corey Johnson to pass his intro 2186 plan. A plan that will limit two and three-floor houses and plant high-rise towers everywhere in NYC. We must continue to fight for low-income housing in our neighborhoods.

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