Crown Heights Townhall Meeting

Crown Heights Development Town Hall

Hello, this is the Daily Briefing and I'm your host Mike McCabe.

This radio station is dedicated to informing you about things in your neighborhood, especially, when it comes to housing. Last night I attended a town hall in Crown Heights, that focussed on 5 developments that are in various levels of completion. The town hall was hosted by Assemblyman Walter Mosley, and two no-shows, Congresswoman Evette Clarke and City Council Member Lori Combo.

The crowd had many questions for the assemblyman and was very knowledgeable about the process. Alica Boyd, a community activist, was there to inform the people of information the assemblyman omitted.

This is a very long meeting, but it confirms what every community is going thru today, primarily because of the tie of Mayor de Blasio with developers. It is difficult not to think that there is collusion between city officials and the Real Estate Board of New York.

Please listen to what occurred last night:

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