Dah, I Don't Know

Dah, I Don't Know, was the most delivered comment in today's hearing regarding the Franklin Avenue Rezoning and Brooklyn Botanical Towers. I have been aware of the Plausible Deniability defense, but it was so apparent today.

Alicia Boyd, Brooklyn's most popular heroine, has been fighting hard to prevent these towers and has surrounded herself with a cadre of talented neighbors that have been monitoring Cornell Realty Management's construction site.

This past Tuesday, a neighbor that lives across the street from the site heard trucks delivering pipes around 5:30 in the morning. At that point, he began to video the site. It was this video that brought attention to a piledriver that suddenly showed up. When the judge asked who ordered that piece of equipment, neither the Project Manager nor the Construction Owner could answer the question.

After the judge had ruled in January to stop work on the site until he had decided the case, Cornell Realty Management apparently, has been preparing to drill holes for pile driving. Alicia Boyd said that a worker had told her, that drilling would begin on Thursday. The judge asked the Project Manager, Construction Owner, and the Lawyers if they had been to the site recently. All of them said no, they had not, but the judge himself noted that he was at the site last night. And to him, the site had been worked.

The judge questioned the attorneys as to when the permit been updated.
And even the attorney for the Housing Department lacked that information. So now the judge has ordered that the information be supplied.

I think because of the multiple Plausible Deniability statements, the judge decided to pass judgment at a later date but did stay the work permit for the site.

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