Ain't I a Woman

Líderes de grupos feministas de Nueva York exigen que se trate a las trabajadoras con mayor dignidad en medio de la crisis de salud en esta pandemia e instan a la unificación del movimiento de mujeres con países latinoamericanos y de otros continentes.

Docenas de grupos laborales, en su mayoría mujeres, se congregaron en Nueva York con motivo del Día Internacional de la Mujer.

La compañera Adriana, del grupo Women’s Strike NYC,  destacó la necesidad de que las trabajadoras del sistema de cuidado de salud en casa sean tratadas con respeto y dignidad. Señaló que ese esfuerzo es realizado por varios grupos laborales y feministas como NMASS.

“Somos las mujeres las que realizamos el trabajo de cuidados y somos las que estamos maltratadas y desvalorizadas”, dijo Andrea.

Indicó que más del 80% de los trabajadores dedicados al trabajo de cuidados son mujeres, que están desvalorizadas.

¿Qué queremos? ¡Justicia!


Agregó que los grupos laborales deben conectarse no solo con otras comunidades locales, sino a nivel internacional, con países de Europa y de otros continentes como China, la India y Guatemala.

Ain't I a Woman Asks Your Help

Ain't I a Woman Campaign is fighting to prevent Home Care Workers from being in a Slave Market. Home care workers are forced to work 24-hour shifts but are paid only for 13 hours. That fact makes it a slave market. Governor Cuomo vetoed a bill at the end of 2019 which would have prevented workers from this injustice

Please go to and sign the petition to stop 24-hour shifts.

A Demonstration of Excluded Workers took over Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges.

A crowd of hundreds of mainly immigrant workers that have been excluded from receiving any funding or assistance from the government marched over both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge on Friday morning. A coalition of more than a hundred organizations participated in the action, calling for the state to fund excluded workers.

The workers consisted of taxi drivers, restaurant workers, construction workers, and many other essential groups. The workers' major demands are a tax on the rich and monetary support to illegal immigrants impacted by COVID-19. Watch our video and hear Assemblywoman Carmen DelLaRosa, from the west Bronx, talking about her plan to tax the rich and support those in need.

A Conversation with K Born Rivers

Our friend K Born Rivers joins us this week to talk about the Bronx Borough President's race and other pressing issues that impact the Bronx. 

Green Party Wants Cuomo Gone

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For Immediate Release

February 12, 2021

Green Party of New York Calls for Impeachment of Gov. Andrew Cuomo

2/12/21 - The Green Party of New York today called for the impeachment of Gov. Andrew Cuomo after shocking revelations that his administration purposefully lied to the public for political purposes about the level of deaths in nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Party officials said this information coupled with the initial orders by the governor that forced nursing homes to admit over 9,000 recovering coronavirus patients and led to over 15,000 deaths in those facilities is enough to warrant impeachment and trial of the governor. 

“Gov. Cuomo's actions last year led to the deaths of over 15,000 New Yorkers in long-term care facilities, which state Attn. General James’ report last month revealed was undercounted by 50%. Just yesterday the Associated Press reported over 9,000 recovering coronavirus patients were sent to nursing homes, which surely accelerated the mass death in those spaces. Now we hear from Melissa DeRosa, Cuomo’s chief aide, that the Governor’s administration deliberately lied to the public for political gain. This is unacceptable, and it is a breach of governing duty and ethics. It is now long past time for the Legislature to initiate impeachment proceedings against Gov. Cuomo,” said party chair Gloria Mattera.

“There must be consequences for actions that led to the death of 15,000 New Yorkers and the decision to hide the extent of this from the public. How laughable it is now to think Cuomo released a book on leadership lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic. Will he add lying to the public as a chapter in the second edition? These are crimes for which the Governor must be impeached and prosecuted,” concluded Mattera.



They've Gone Too Far

All of the major internet platforms are going too far, stifling their users' 1st Amendment Rights. In addition, Google and YouTube are stealing links from other media companies that are costing those smaller companies millions of dollars and preventing you from discovering those companies. Call your congress rep and tell them to stop these monopolies from these criminal acts.


Survival in a Capitalist City - Show #2

Survival in a Capitalist City presents Sam Richards, author of the article, "Powerful Mobile Phone Surveillance Tools Operate in Obscurity Across the Country." Sam Richards and Robert Dannin discuss Cell Hawk, an application from Hawk Analytics that collects data from cell towers and sells the information to police departments across the country. It's not just the NSA any longer. 

Another Year

2020, another year that I didn't write like Hemingway; sing with Sade, or paint like Miro.
A year like all the past years, unaccomplished.
What matters is that I will try all over again to do those things this year.
Every year people make resolutions to do whatever, forgetting about the year before and all of the things they never did.
What is most important is that you be yourself and be kind to those you love. Beyond the resolutions, we must find ourselves. Do we really want to write like Hemingway and sing with Sade? For me, that answer is yes. So I will try all over again.
Happy New Year!

Dreams Cut Short by Homelessness

The United States is the wealthiest country ever known. So why are there more than half-a-million homeless in the country? And how did it happen? What has the government done to prevent homelessness? How is the government protecting the homeless during the current pandemic? A pandemic that is spreading throughout the homeless population. These are questions that must be answered to find a solution to homelessness in America.

Abraham Lincoln saw government as the mechanism to do what individuals could not do independently. Unfortunately, our government is failing in that respect! The government is meant to protect its citizens' well-being, and it is not doing that right now. Government officials take an oath of office when they promise to uphold the Constitution..." insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare...". The welfare of the people doesn't seem to enter the political leader's minds these days. This past fall, Nancy Pelosi's goal was to prevent Donald Trump from signing his name to another $1200 check. That childish behavior was more important to her than helping those in need, a seriously wrongful act from our country's leadership. Both political parties taunt each other to gain points with the public; instead of producing a functioning government, they push the people further away from the political system.

The recent pandemic's devastating impact on families that have lost loved ones is tragic. And the financial shock to the economy and the government's insufficient actions are bringing millions to the point of eviction. Thousands have lost businesses leaving local economies with vacant stores and lost jobs. All while government does nothing of substance to help. Congress was eager to give big business billions of dollars while giving only $1200 to the average citizen begrudgingly to cover months of expenses. Considering a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn is $3,216 a month, how does that $1200 help families? Without assistance to pay rents, 30 million people could be thrown out of their homes by the end of this month.

You may be thinking that the government has already set up shelters and spent millions on the homeless before the pandemic. So what is your point? My point is that the government is not solving the reasons people become homeless. 

There are four main reasons people become homeless.

  • Lack of good-paying jobs
  • Unaffordable housing
  • Mental illness
  • Drug addiction

Lack of good-paying jobs: You don't need to be a Marxist to realize that capitalism looks to exploit workers. And to accomplish that exploitation, capitalists look for the cheapest labor markets to produce their goods. Since the 1970s, net productivity rose 69.6 percent, while worker wages grew, only 11.6 percent. Instead of protecting American workers, Washington signed trade agreements that have caused American workers to lose their jobs.

While Congress has helped big corporations move their businesses overseas, there has been little thought of protecting the workers affected by these changes. Because we live in a Capitalist Utopia and have a free market economy, the government cannot stop corporations from moving production to other countries. However, the government can create laws to make moving production more difficult and less beneficial to big business, but it has not done so.

When factories are closed, companies should be ordered by law to sell the operation to workers, and monies should be made easier to help workers obtain the business site. Corporate tax rates should increase on those corporations too. Trump has applied tariffs on products in some markets, but it was only to bully foreign governments into a more favorable treaty. In the long run, tariffs hurt American buyers more.

In another area that impacts workers is the use of technology. Car manufacturers began using robots in the 80s, but now they are everywhere. You can't go to a store and not run into a scanner in place of a real person. And now, Google and other tech companies have given us robotic conversations. Banks and many other companies make use of artificial intelligence to reduce head-counts. Utility companies have installed smart meters in homes to read meter usage and reduce reader employees'. In addition to forcing workers out of jobs, these smart meters transmit microwaves into the air around your home. Studies have shown a connection to an increase in Autism due to increased microwave transmissions. Just wait until 5G is fully implemented.

Andrew Yang has been the only candidate talking about AI and the use of hi-tech in business today. Congress and our City Council must begin to address these kinds of issues.

Trade unions have proven themselves lately to be unable to muster enough strength to frighten companies into submission. There is a video on this site:

of Chris Shelton, President of Communications Workers of America. Chris gets fired up at a rally in Manhattan and says, "companies want them gone, but we're not gonna let them." A few days after I shot that video, the strike came to an end. Two hundred jobs were saved from being outsourced to India. Good job, Chris. No! Six months later, Verizon fired one hundred workers. Did the union go back out to strike again? No!

If we are ever to grow jobs in this country, unions must regain the strength they once had. Below is a massive issue that unions must fight:

Autonomous trucks are in their infancy but are not far from filling highways. Here is an article from you might find interesting:

"UPS has been testing self-driving tractor-trailers since last year through a partnership with autonomous driving company TuSimple. The 10,000 Arrival electric delivery trucks will be delivered to UPS starting in the second half of this year through 2025."Mar 22, 2020

Those of us in Red Hook must be sure that these trucks never operate here.

Currently, there are 600,000 long haul truckers in America. Overall there are 3.5 million truck drivers in this country. These are good-paying jobs for drivers with little education. What will they do? 

Unaffordable Housing: Like everything else, when prices go up, so do rents. But rents go up for many reasons. For one, the rents go up because of a lack of housing. Populations in cities have been climbing, forcing a need for more housing, thus creating higher rents. The Real Estate industry has added to increased rents by moving into neighborhoods to build luxury hi-rise buildings for a wealthy population. All of which helped to push middle and lower-income families out of the community. Even if families can hold on to their apartments, the cost of living becomes too much for them. To satisfy these more affluent people and make more money in their developments, real estate creates space for high-end stores. Industry City's rezoning proposal was one of those events. The Barclay Center was another development. One that pushed out 1200 families and businesses to build a stadium that made developers very rich. Communities, not unelected city officials, must decide to build these real estate projects, and not by a single council member's vote either. Too many times, council members have denied the community the right to make those decisions. Say good-bye to Laurie Cumbo.

To change this dilemma, a disconnect between politicians and real estate developers must occur. Communities must take back control of their land.

Rodrigo Camarena, a candidate for City Council District 38, has laid out a well-conceived plan to correct the housing situation in New York City. You must read his plan: 

Housing for All


According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, mental illness estimates that untreated mental illness costs the country up to $300 billion every year due to productivity losses. As many as 90 percent of cases of suicide are attributed to mental illness. The stress of life puts many on edge. Life experiences, such as stress or a history of abuse, are significant for mental health episodes. In a society where so much emphasis is applied to wants, stress is bound to occur. Children growing up in families without fathers or parents who have abuse issues is too much for children to endure. Mothers living in a shelter with their kids has to be stressful. You must consider the impact on those kids. An estimated 24,000 kids go to NYC schools every day. Why are these people living in shelters and not in homes? Never has there been a time when we've needed public housing more, but Mayor de Blasio wants to privatize public housing, and we cannot allow him to do it. Fight for NYCHA, a group of activists fighting to protect public housing in New York City has created the People's Budget: The budget, if put into effect, will generate enough money to prevent the privatization of NYCHA. 

Drug Addiction: The biological mechanism that is the source of addiction is a rewarding brain system. Positive feelings rush through the brain with feel-good chemicals rewarding the substance use. This process also impacts the area of the brain that is responsible for stress and self-control. Many with high levels of dopamine in the brain are more prone to addictive behavior. If you have had to deal with any of the situations mentioned above, it is not surprising that you might want a drug to make you feel better. According to Drug war facts, these were the monies spent in 2015 for Drug Prevention, treatment, and law enforcement:


Treatment: $9.55 billion (36.9% of total)

Prevention: $1.34 billion (5.2% of total)

Domestic Law Enforcement: $9.4 billion (36.3% of total)

Interdiction: $3.96 billion (15.3% of total)

International: $1.64 billion (6.3% of total)

Total: $25.89 billion

As you can see, there are almost equal amounts spent on treatment versus law enforcement. If Congress were to give up its war on drugs and move to more treatment, we might be more helpful to the addict. This past week Congress voted to decriminalize the use of pot. We may be coming to the end of the war on drugs. This ridiculous war has destroyed too many people's lives.


Failed Government.

A failed government is the main reason for homelessness in America. A government that should be investing in the lives of its citizen with free education, paid healthcare, improved job creation, and building a sound green infrastructure. Instead, we piss away hundreds of billions of dollars on the military to enrich the 1%. They have taken the wrong path, and we have allowed it.

Have you ever considered the dreams homeless people might have had before becoming homeless? Things they wanted in their lives but had to put on hold because of homelessness. Just like you, they have hopes and dreams. But with each day, their dreams fade deeper into a cloud of bureaucracy, becoming only another number in a graph. Our government must stop building weapons of destruction and start improving the lives of its citizens. And we must force them.

City Planning has Broken the Law

Brooklyn activist Alicia Boyd and others filed a lawsuit yesterday to prevent The Department of City Planning from certifying 960 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn. The Department of City Planning (DCP), on November 16, 2020, is scheduled to approve and begin the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) for 960 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn. This action is in direct violation of the New City Charter Reform passed into law on November 3, 2019.

The Department of City Planning violated this law by refusing to submit a “detailed summary” of the application to be certified 30 days before it is approved. These actions violate the public’s due process rights, which is the right to review public records and influence the outcome of this rezoning before it is certified.