Councilman Approves Rezoning

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Councilman Menchaca's decision to approve 737 4th avenue will bring 33 affordable apartments to Sunset Park, and for those 33 families, I am pleased. What the decision also brings is further gentrification of 4th avenue. Over the years, we have witnessed high-rise towers expanding along 4th avenue; and part of IC's rezoning was to work in tandem with that growth. And with that will come more expensive retail businesses in the community. These luxury stores will push out the smaller family-run business owners. As this process continues, the people in those affordable apartments will no longer afford to live in Sunset Park. The city council must stop REBNY from destroying the communities of this city. And it must not allow Corey Johnson to pass his intro 2186 plan. A plan that will limit two and three-floor houses and plant high-rise towers everywhere in NYC. We must continue to fight for low-income housing in our neighborhoods.

Candidate Wants to Shut HPD

Candidate for City Council in Brooklyn's District 37, Rick Echevarria, laid out his plan today, to shut what he calls the 3 Headed Monster, the New York City Housing Preservation & Development Agency. Echevarria, a whistle-blower from HPD, knows where all of the bodies are buried, and he plans to stop the corruption that exists there.

We Will Not Stand for This

"Uniform Land Use Review Procedure, the city's seven-month process, would no longer require Council approval if City Planning deems the application abides by the land-use scenario. But Council members could still opt to vote on the proposal." The Real Deal

Upzoning of primarily black and brown communities has displaced huge numbers of people of color while Mayor de Blasio has been in office. And the proposal, Intro 2186, presented by City Council Speaker, Cory Johnson, will hasten those displacements.

Yesterday, the CITYWIDE PEOPLE'S LAND USE ALLIANCE, a city-wide group of more than thirty activist organizations, protested against Johnson's plan. Calling it a racist top-down plan that will offer growth with little input from communities. The plan is to be directed by a mayoral appointed Process Director, giving communities only two hearings in the process. There will be no hearing at community boards; the Process Director will decide what 3 plans boards can choose from. 

The sole hearing on this matter took place last month without the input of 40% of the city that does not have internet access. This is not democratic in the least, and it will destroy our neighborhoods.

Here is the link to the entire rally: 

And also, a link to the proposal from Corey Johnson:

Oh no! Not Jing Fong.

In an email that I received today, from
Youth Against Displacement YAD, they promoted a rally that occurred on Friday, intended to reopen the famous Chinese restaurant, Jing Fong. See the content of the email here:

"Dear Friend,

Our community has put out a concrete offer to reopen the Jing Fong dining room.

Alex + Jonathan Chu say they want to save Jing Fong as much as anyone--so here's the chance! Don Lee & colleagues offer to take over and work with the workers to continue restaurant operations in the iconic dining room. Their model will create a new entity using the same management team and union staff under new ownership.

What's your response, Alex and Jonathan Chu? Are you willing to work with the community to reopen the dining room or show yourselves as the enemy of the community and destroyer of Chinatown?"

Jing Fong, I must say, is an incredible place, and I would hate to see it permanently closed. We wish Youth Against Displacement and all of Chinatown's residents' luck in preventing the permanent closing of this fabulous restaurant. Please write to Youth Against Displacement in support the reopening of Jing Fong.

Here is a link to YouthAgainstDisplacement:

Save Kingsbrook Hospital from Cuomo

Governor Cuomo, New York Governor, is again trying to close more hospitals in Brooklyn. Except for this time, East Flatbush residents are trying to prevent him from closing their hospital. This past Thursday, residents and their allies rallied outside Kingsbrook Hospital in protest.

Reverend Patricia Malcolm, led a group of Kingsbrook nurses and others, to informed Governor Cuomo, and One Brooklyn Health, what the community's demands are in keeping the hospital open.

Our video shows DSA member, Keith Gordon, telling the people about the connections between Governor Cuomo and his donors who seem to be benefitting from Cuomo's decision to close Brooklyn hospitals. The video also has Anthony Beckford, candidate for City Council, District 45 explaining how investments are being taken from the community and they must stop.

Ira Wechsler talks about how the hospital saved his life after suffering two heart attacks.

Ain't I a Woman

Líderes de grupos feministas de Nueva York exigen que se trate a las trabajadoras con mayor dignidad en medio de la crisis de salud en esta pandemia e instan a la unificación del movimiento de mujeres con países latinoamericanos y de otros continentes.

Docenas de grupos laborales, en su mayoría mujeres, se congregaron en Nueva York con motivo del Día Internacional de la Mujer.

La compañera Adriana, del grupo Women’s Strike NYC,  destacó la necesidad de que las trabajadoras del sistema de cuidado de salud en casa sean tratadas con respeto y dignidad. Señaló que ese esfuerzo es realizado por varios grupos laborales y feministas como NMASS.

“Somos las mujeres las que realizamos el trabajo de cuidados y somos las que estamos maltratadas y desvalorizadas”, dijo Andrea.

Indicó que más del 80% de los trabajadores dedicados al trabajo de cuidados son mujeres, que están desvalorizadas.

¿Qué queremos? ¡Justicia!


Agregó que los grupos laborales deben conectarse no solo con otras comunidades locales, sino a nivel internacional, con países de Europa y de otros continentes como China, la India y Guatemala.

Ain't I a Woman Asks Your Help

Ain't I a Woman Campaign is fighting to prevent Home Care Workers from being in a Slave Market. Home care workers are forced to work 24-hour shifts but are paid only for 13 hours. That fact makes it a slave market. Governor Cuomo vetoed a bill at the end of 2019 which would have prevented workers from this injustice

Please go to and sign the petition to stop 24-hour shifts.

A Demonstration of Excluded Workers took over Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges.

A crowd of hundreds of mainly immigrant workers that have been excluded from receiving any funding or assistance from the government marched over both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge on Friday morning. A coalition of more than a hundred organizations participated in the action, calling for the state to fund excluded workers.

The workers consisted of taxi drivers, restaurant workers, construction workers, and many other essential groups. The workers' major demands are a tax on the rich and monetary support to illegal immigrants impacted by COVID-19. Watch our video and hear Assemblywoman Carmen DelLaRosa, from the west Bronx, talking about her plan to tax the rich and support those in need.

A Conversation with K Born Rivers

Our friend K Born Rivers joins us this week to talk about the Bronx Borough President's race and other pressing issues that impact the Bronx. 

Green Party Wants Cuomo Gone

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For Immediate Release

February 12, 2021

Green Party of New York Calls for Impeachment of Gov. Andrew Cuomo

2/12/21 - The Green Party of New York today called for the impeachment of Gov. Andrew Cuomo after shocking revelations that his administration purposefully lied to the public for political purposes about the level of deaths in nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Party officials said this information coupled with the initial orders by the governor that forced nursing homes to admit over 9,000 recovering coronavirus patients and led to over 15,000 deaths in those facilities is enough to warrant impeachment and trial of the governor. 

“Gov. Cuomo's actions last year led to the deaths of over 15,000 New Yorkers in long-term care facilities, which state Attn. General James’ report last month revealed was undercounted by 50%. Just yesterday the Associated Press reported over 9,000 recovering coronavirus patients were sent to nursing homes, which surely accelerated the mass death in those spaces. Now we hear from Melissa DeRosa, Cuomo’s chief aide, that the Governor’s administration deliberately lied to the public for political gain. This is unacceptable, and it is a breach of governing duty and ethics. It is now long past time for the Legislature to initiate impeachment proceedings against Gov. Cuomo,” said party chair Gloria Mattera.

“There must be consequences for actions that led to the death of 15,000 New Yorkers and the decision to hide the extent of this from the public. How laughable it is now to think Cuomo released a book on leadership lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic. Will he add lying to the public as a chapter in the second edition? These are crimes for which the Governor must be impeached and prosecuted,” concluded Mattera.