City Councilman, Carlos Menchaca, Stands with Community

Sunset Park, Brooklyn, has been fighting against the rezoning of Industry City, for 4 years, and today, Councilman Carlos Menchaca, stood outside City Hall with the residents to say no to the rezoning. Meanwhile, Speaker Corey Johnson is eager to pass the rezoning.

Governor, You Gotta Do Better Than That

Governor Cuomo signed a bill last night, providing rent relief to a limited number of tenants affected by the COVID pandemic.
The bill calls for $100 million in federal stimulus funds to create rental vouchers for people paying more than 30% of their income in rent. Anyone who lost income between April 1 and July 31 of this year, and makes less than 80% of an area's median income will be covered.
Our answer to that is, it ain't enough.
If you figure that the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment is $2700, and times that cost by the four months, what Cuomo is willing to pay, comes out to $10,800 per claim. That means only 9259 apartments citywide would benefit. According to this article in The Deal (, renters of 100,000 apartments in New York City did not pay their May rents. So what happens to the 92,000 renters, Governor?
And then, what about those who were paying less than 30% of their income in rents, but now, do not have jobs? What happens to those people? If they were unable to pay one month's rent, how do you expect them to afford four months of rent?
Also, commercial rents? What is to be done? How do communities keep their identity without the small businesses in the community?
Governor, you have to do better. Get together with your pal Chuck and figure it out. The federal government must kick in the additional monies needed; otherwise, thousands will be evicted and added to the homeless roles.
Please call the Governor's office and tell him that the city needs the money now. 1-518-474-8390 


occupyradio supports Genesis Aquino for State Assembly

For too long, Brooklyn's District 51 has needed a grassroots candidate dedicated to working for the community they represent. No longer are we willing to accept old-time politicians that pretend to act in our favor. Our communities require better jobs, low-income housing, support for our small businesses, and a path to better healthcare. In our opinion, that candidate is Genesis Aquino. We at know Genesis and have worked with her to improve laundry workers' wages, restaurant workers, and other small business workers by supporting the SWEAT BILL.


Please vote this Tuesday, for Genesis Aquino for State Assembly in District 51.

Marni Halasa Talks about the Rent Strike issue


Marni Halasa, activist and candidate for City Council speaks about the Rent Strike issue in New York City. Thousands of New York City residents are unable to pay their May Rents. Why isn't the government doing something to help them?

972 Buildings on Rent Strike in New York City

Lena Melindez, talks about the Rent Strikes that she is organizing in the Upper West side of Manhattan. Lena mentions the 972 Buildings that are on a Rent Strike in New York City. One third of renters across the United States did not pay their April rents, more are expected not to pay in May. So with that in mind what is our government doing to help? The $1200 stimulus checks are just not enough for people to survive in a place like New York City.

Revolution is Coming!


The Revolution is Coming !!!
I just read the most uplifting message from a group that I have followed for several years now. And it's going to mean a change in our way of life. The people are taking back control of their lives. May Day is next week. It is also the 1st of the month, which means rent is due; bills are due. If you are one of those people that have been furloughed, then you know what this is going to mean. You can't pay for them!

One-third of renters were unable to pay their April rents. Even more, people will be unable to pay rents in May. The level of unemployment has not been this high since the Great Depression during the 1930s. So tell me, what has the government done to help you? Oh yeah! They sent you a check for $1200. If you're living in New York City, you know how far that will go. The average rent in New York City for a one-bedroom apartment is over $2400 a month.

What's that? You want to eat too. If it weren't for the Mutual Aid Centers that organizations have set up, thousands of people would have starved in these last few weeks.

On May 1st, this city, this country will be under the control of the people. Essential workers will refuse to work; Amazon workers will strike; renters and renter supporters will not pay rents. The people will demonstrate for prisoners unable to be free from the coronavirus. The people will not allow renters to be evicted for not paying rents.

The capitalists have created this mess, but the people will end the capitalist rule. Things must not return to normal as they were two months ago. It is time to stand up and demand the equalization of citizens.

We will be back to cover this issue in the coming days. Get ready!

Rick Echevarria for City Council, District 37

Rick Echevarría is running to represent District 37 in the New York City Council because our city — and our district — are in the midst of a severe housing crisis. He is a lifelong resident of Bushwick, Brooklyn. After he graduated college, he became a community activist. He organized tenants and worked in city government. Now, he's running to represent portions of the Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brownsville, Bushwick, Crown Heights, Cypress Hills, and East New York in the New York City Council. For more information contact Rick at: [email protected]

Dah, I Don't Know

Dah, I Don't Know, was the most delivered comment in today's hearing regarding the Franklin Avenue Rezoning and Brooklyn Botanical Towers. I have been aware of the Plausible Deniability defense, but it was so apparent today.

Alicia Boyd, Brooklyn's most popular heroine, has been fighting hard to prevent these towers and has surrounded herself with a cadre of talented neighbors that have been monitoring Cornell Realty Management's construction site.

This past Tuesday, a neighbor that lives across the street from the site heard trucks delivering pipes around 5:30 in the morning. At that point, he began to video the site. It was this video that brought attention to a piledriver that suddenly showed up. When the judge asked who ordered that piece of equipment, neither the Project Manager nor the Construction Owner could answer the question.

After the judge had ruled in January to stop work on the site until he had decided the case, Cornell Realty Management apparently, has been preparing to drill holes for pile driving. Alicia Boyd said that a worker had told her, that drilling would begin on Thursday. The judge asked the Project Manager, Construction Owner, and the Lawyers if they had been to the site recently. All of them said no, they had not, but the judge himself noted that he was at the site last night. And to him, the site had been worked.

The judge questioned the attorneys as to when the permit been updated.
And even the attorney for the Housing Department lacked that information. So now the judge has ordered that the information be supplied.

I think because of the multiple Plausible Deniability statements, the judge decided to pass judgment at a later date but did stay the work permit for the site.

New Yorkers Say No to War

New Yorkers came out last night and today by the hundreds to protest President Trump's assassination attack of Iranian General Qassem Suleimani. Trump insisted that he did not intend to start a war, but to stop one. Instead, he has dug himself a deeper hole to climb out of with this attack.

Time and time again, our government has lied to us about Intelligence Reports. They lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq; they lied about chemical weapon attacks in Syria; they lied about operations in Afganistan, and now you have to ask, are they lying about Iranian plans to attack American diplomats. Why did the United States assassinate General Qassem Suleimani? Recent stories have indicated that it was Suleimani that planned the recent attack on the American embassy in Baghdad. He was also blamed for the attack that killed an American contractor (mercenary). A story that ran in The Daily News today suggests that Suleimani had sleeper cells planning attacks in New York City if the U.S. attacked Iran. The NYPD has been reporting Iranian employees of the Iranian Mission doing suspicious surveillances. of landmarks and subway stations.

The answer more than likely, is that they again are lying to some degree. If we accept the propaganda that is force-fed to us from Main Stream Media, it gives the Pentagon the justification needed to bring more wars, more wars for oil, more wars for the rich.

We have no reason, other than oil, to be in the middle-east. If we were running a green economy, the only other reason to be there would be the Petro Dollar. The PetroDollar gives the United States the ability to apply sanctions on countries that do not agree with our bullying tactics. Sanctions, like the ones we have put on Iran to try and force an overthrow of leadership. And the sanctions put on Venezuela to overthrow Nicolás Maduro's administration.

The United States has murdered millions of innocent people in the middle-east. And it is mainly for oil. The world is hating us for what we are, allowing our government to do.

Take to the streets and demand that we stop it now.


Please Help !

New York City is an incredible but harsh place to live. In communities and neighborhoods across the city, people struggle daily against developers and city officials in the fight for equality and affordable homes. Behind each struggle, there is usually an advocate. One person or a group that immerse themselves in the issues required for the fight.

Whether it was to save Saint Vincents from destruction or to save Public Housing / NYCHA from privatization, Louis Flores has been at the forefront of New York City issues facing inequality and gentrification. It is because of his determination and selflessness that we at encourage you to help Louis in his battles, so he can continue to help those that are so readerly in need of his support.