Support NYCHA Tenants


Hello, this is Mike McCabe, the Executive Producer of The de Blasio Administration's plan to partner with private developers thru the RAD process to solve the NYCHA disaster is putting hundreds of people's apartments in jeopardy.

Angered by the recent decision to demolition two buildings in the Robert Fulton Houses, in Chelsea, NYCHA residents are organizing to build a coalition to stop their buildings from being torn down.

Please come out and support these residents this Saturday, May 11th at 1:00 p.m. The location is at 17th st and 9th avenue, in Manhattan. You can contact us by telephone or text : (646) 847-9550.


"I want to talk about the politicians please, and then I want to hear from the tenants. My name is Louis, I’m from Fight for NYCHA. It’s very important to realize that not one of your politicians will show up to any of your protests and you need to know why. That's because the Real Estate Industry controls the politicians in this town." Louis Flores.

In a factsheet supplied by the city, it states, "RAD enables public housing authorities to create public-private partnerships, not privatize. NYCHA will continue to own the land and have a role in all major decision-making and oversight ... Federal funding will still support the operations and maintenance of apartments, but the funding source will shift from the Public Housing Program to a special Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) program." Switching these apartments to Section Apartments does not give the tenants any greater support, in fact, they will have fewer rights, if this is allowed to happen.

Please come out and support these tenants. Especially, if you yourself are an NYCHA resident, you might be next, because the Mayor plans to bring this RAD program to other NYCHA buildings.

Contact info:

Fight For NYCHA is working to bring public housing tenants together in an effort to hold a city-wide assembly so public housing tenants can self-determine the future of public housing in New York City.

You can contact us by telephone or text : (646) 847-9550

You can also e-mail us : team (at) mg (dot) fightfornycha (dot) org

2019 New York City Cannabis Parade & Rally


Yesterday, I covered part of the 46th anniversary of The New York City Cannabis Parade & Rally. It is the longest running marijuana legalization event in the country. The day was started with a "Speak out" which I attended at 32nd St / Broadway and then a parade down to Union Square for the Rally.

New York is so close to passing laws to legalize marijuana that there was an excitement in the crowd that wasn't there last year. The pressing issues that remain are reparation for those convicted of current marijuana laws, and the issue of taxing the sale of cannabis. Please watch the video for more details from the participants.

Speakers: DANA BEAL, Yippie Pieman ARON KAY, Javier Lopez, Paul Gilman and more.

What an Ego

Bill de Blasio

It is amazing what a person's ego will make them do.

The Daily News, published a story today, saying that Bill de Blasio is planning to announce on Wednesday, that he is running for President.
His developer friends will now come out of the woodwork to help. The article says that 76% of New Yorkers don't want him to run. Even in this, he doesn't listen to the people. Does anybody else from New York want to join in the race?

Bernie and Joe must be shaking in their boots over the announcement.

Fort Greene: Save Our Trees


Dozens of Fort Greene residents, as well as a kindergarten of children, demonstrated yesterday, outside the office of Lurie Cumbo, City Council Member, to stop the destruction of 71 trees in Fort Greene Park.
Sandy Reiburn, a resident of Fort Greene and a major leader in the group, explained how the residents had to file a lawsuit to get information from the Parks Department.

It is a steadfast message that this station broadcasts daily, that communities MUST be in control of their neighborhoods. We must not surrender our rights to community control. Please support Fort Greene's efforts in saving their trees.

NYCHA Residents Fight Eviction Plan


The de Blasio Administration's plan to partner with private developers to solve the NYCHA disaster is about to hit a wall.

Angered by the recent decision to demolition two buildings in the Robert Fulton Houses, in Chelsea, NYCHA residents attended a Press Conference, on Sunday to begin organizing fellow tenants to thwart the Mayor's plan from happening. Activists, Marni Halasa, Louis Flores, and Norman Siegel, the former executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union were responsible for the Press Conference.

City officials are planning to demolish two NYCHA buildings which are part of the Robert Fulton Houses. The buildings would be replaced with much taller buildings; plus one additional building is planned to rise on what is now a parking lot. The new buildings would be mixed-income. 70% of buildings would be market-rate, with the remaining 30% to be “affordable” for the current tenants.

And while the local elected leaders like Congressman Jerry Nadler, City Council President, Corey Johnson, seem to have agreed with this plan, there have been no meetings with the tenants. One woman is quoted saying, "they knocked on the door and said you have to move in two years and that was all they said."

At the start of the Press Conference, Norman Siegel said in his presentation, "you don't have to agree with this; it ain't over." He went on to say that New York was in the leadership 80 years ago to create Public Housing in America, and it did, on East 3rd street and Avenue A, and we should not be thinking of demolitioning Public Housing buildings now."

The NYCHA complex would become part of RAD, the federal Rental Assistance Demonstration program that President Obama signed, supposedly, to protect the Public Housing tenants. The tenants being forced out of their apartments would move to one of the new buildings once completed. At least that is what is planned. NYCHA would continue to own the land but lease the site to a developer, who would then manage the complex. The plan is apparently, what the city's administration wants to do throughout the city. Other buildings in Brooklyn are being considered for this process too. It could be the beginning of the end for NYCHA, if not stopped.

Save the Trees in Fort Greene Park


NYC Parks Dept. is planning to cut down 58 healthy trees, and endanger an additional 13 more. Then they plan to pave over an estimated 13,000 sq. feet of greenery. To learn more go to:

SAVE 71 Trees in Fort Greene Park-Rally

55 Hanson Place, N.Y. 11217 Shirley A. Chisholm Building

Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 at 12:30 p.m.

MTOPP Wins Temporary Restraining Order


On Monday, April 15th, a lawsuit was filed against Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo, City Planning and the Developer Cornell Reality. The Petitioners of the suit, Alicia Boyd, Lashaun Ellis, and Michael Hollingsworth rallied today, with other members of The Movement to Protect the People. The group states that the suit has been brought against Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo, because not only did she approve the project but failed to listen to the concerns of her constituents.




Alicia introduces the team that helped her build the action against Cumbo and others.


David Eisenbach lent his support to the group today as well..



Movement to Protect the People


MTOPP - Movement to Protect the People hosted a Town Hall in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, to discuss Ways to Resist.

Speakers were: Todd Baker, Alicia Boyd M.S. / M.A., Julia Bryant M.A., LaShaun Ellis M.S. Ed., Amin Husain Phd., Janine Nichols, Carrie Roberson M.A., Nick Smith B.A.

The Movement to Protect the People, led by Alicia Boyd, is leading the struggle to prevent real estate developer, Bruce Enicher, from building the largest residential complex in Brooklyn.

Watch the video and listen to the panel discuss their fight against displacement, the loss of Rent Stabilized Apartments, dangers to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, sewer issues, and many other items.

To support MTOPP please go to or call (718)703-3086.

Coalition Files Law suit Against NYC

The Coalition to Protect Chinatown & the Lower East Side filed a lawsuit today, against the City of New York, to stop the building of four luxury mega-towers on the Two Bridges waterfront, in Manhattan, along the East River.
Artwork of Towers: SHoP Architects