Governor Cuomo is Against Fair Wages


Workers Rally to Demand Governor Cuomo Sign the SWEAT Bill

An estimated $1 billion is stolen from workers in NYS every year. But when workers stand up against wage theft, employers close up shop (only to reopen under a new name), transfer their assets and empty their bank accounts. By the time workers win in court or the Department of Labor, there is no money to collect. The SWEAT bill, A486/S2844 will stop this problem. It passed the Democratic-controlled state legislature earlier this year but Governor Cuomo has yet to sign the bill into law. Workers from restaurant, nail salon, laundry, construction, domestic, home care and car service industries, among others, say time is running out. We must demand Governor Cuomo sign this critical bill to give workers the tools to fight wage theft and hold their employers accountable to at least the minimum wage.

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