Greed: A Reason for My Change in Philosophy

At one point in my life, I was a Capitalist, climbing my corporate ladder. Year after year, I did my best to be a good employee, worked long hours, and cut costs wherever I could. I created budgets that saved the company loads of money while cutting deeply into the vendor's revenues.

At first, the budgets allowed 15% profit for the company, but by the end of my capitalist game, the yields rose to more than 30%. It all ended when Corporate sent a VP from Chicago to tell me that I was no longer needed. The group I managed then reported to someone in Kansas. A year later, the staff was gone, and the work was transferred to Kansas.

So the forty years I spent being a good employee taught me that capitalism was never my friend. Capitalism thrives on greed, and hungry employees wanting to climb their ladder. Since that time, I have been immersing myself in issues of greed, unfairness, and outright class shafting. Shafting, we must stop!

Three years ago, I was in London with my wife and youngest daughter. While there, we met with a friend that works for the Socialist Worker. For those that are unfamiliar, it is a newspaper that focuses on socialist issues. Our friend was covering a story about the Grenfell Towers. The towers were the site of a massive fire that killed 72 people. Hundreds of people attended a rally in Trafalgar Square park, pleading for answers to why it happened. Developers decided to use the cheapest materials when building the towers. So the cladding of the building was inferior and helped to spread the fire to all 24 floors.

After all, this time that has pasted, the information is only now coming out. You must read the article above. Click on the photo, and it will bring you to the story.


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