Movement to Protect the People


MTOPP - Movement to Protect the People hosted a Town Hall in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, to discuss Ways to Resist.

Speakers were: Todd Baker, Alicia Boyd M.S. / M.A., Julia Bryant M.A., LaShaun Ellis M.S. Ed., Amin Husain Phd., Janine Nichols, Carrie Roberson M.A., Nick Smith B.A.

The Movement to Protect the People, led by Alicia Boyd, is leading the struggle to prevent real estate developer, Bruce Enicher, from building the largest residential complex in Brooklyn.

Watch the video and listen to the panel discuss their fight against displacement, the loss of Rent Stabilized Apartments, dangers to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, sewer issues, and many other items.

To support MTOPP please go to or call (718)703-3086.

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