My Right to Vote

If you consider yourself a Progressive, think about this, the Green New Deal originally came from the Green Party, the most Progressive Party in New York State. And voting Green, this election is essential to help the Green Party retain its ballot line in New York.

The ballot access requirements for the Green Party and other third parties were substantially increased in New York this spring as part of Governor Cuomo's state budget.

Governor Cuomo's actions are a form of voter suppression, preventing voters from voting for candidates that may better suit their values and ideals—the very voters that support demilitarizing the police, increasing public housing, free healthcare, support for Black Lives Matter, and a commitment to ending poverty.

The latest poll numbers in New York State indicate that Biden leads Trump, 61% to 29%. So New Yorkers who support having more choices on the ballot can vote for Howie Hawkins on the Green Party line and not worry that they are adding to a Trump victory.
If you value more Progressive political choices, then vote Green Party if you live in New York.

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