No to Rezoning

The Community is Saying No to Industry City's Request to Rezone

The group Protect Sunset Park, met for two hours with Councilman Carlos Menchaca, on Friday, to discuss the Industry City request for rezoning. The group informed the councilman that the community is saying no to the IC request. The fears of displacement are in the minds of this immigrant community; and who can blame them? With every rezoning that has occurred so far, there has been displacement and the loss of local business to big named chains.

City Hall and City Planning are applying pressure on the councilman to decide on the plan quickly; a project City Hall wants. Menchaca and Community Board 7 appear to be constructing an alternative to appease City Hall. But the question is, is there time, and what would happen if we said no and walked away from the rezoning request?

The video that follows is the essence of what happened in Friday's meeting. Three languages are spoken in this video: Chinese, English, and Spanish, so please forward it to friends in Sunset Park.

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