Oh no! Not Jing Fong.

In an email that I received today, from
Youth Against Displacement YAD, they promoted a rally that occurred on Friday, intended to reopen the famous Chinese restaurant, Jing Fong. See the content of the email here:

"Dear Friend,

Our community has put out a concrete offer to reopen the Jing Fong dining room.

Alex + Jonathan Chu say they want to save Jing Fong as much as anyone--so here's the chance! Don Lee & colleagues offer to take over and work with the workers to continue restaurant operations in the iconic dining room. Their model will create a new entity using the same management team and union staff under new ownership.

What's your response, Alex and Jonathan Chu? Are you willing to work with the community to reopen the dining room or show yourselves as the enemy of the community and destroyer of Chinatown?"

Jing Fong, I must say, is an incredible place, and I would hate to see it permanently closed. We wish Youth Against Displacement and all of Chinatown's residents' luck in preventing the permanent closing of this fabulous restaurant. Please write to Youth Against Displacement in support the reopening of Jing Fong.

Here is a link to YouthAgainstDisplacement:


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