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With the general election fast approaching, Howie Hawkins is calling on all of us to put in the work to make this an election for the Greens to remember. It is time we send a message to Albany that we will no longer tolerate the status quo!

Featured Event

9/25/2018: Socialist Panel Session on Low Wages featuring Richard Wolff, Howie Hawkins, JoAnn Lum and Tana Forrester. Details and RSVP here (7-9 pm).

Additional Events

NYC Events 

9/22/2018:Tabling at the Atlantic Antic Festival in Brooklyn (11am-6pm). Details and RSVP here

9/24/2018:Recruit Volunteers for Howie Hawkins at Queens College (2-5 pm). Details and RSVP here.

9/26/2018:Recruit Volunteers for Howie Hawkins at Brooklyn College (1-4 pm). Details and RSVP here.

9/27/2018:Recruit Volunteers for Howie Hawkins at Lehman College (2-5 pm). Details and RSVP here.

9/29/2018: Howie Hawkins at Global Citizen Festival (2-6pm). Details and RSVP here.

10/02/2018: Socialist Solution Panel on Education at LGBT Community Center in Manhattan. Details and RSVP here.

Long Island Events

10/15/2018:Howie Hawkins talks with the Green Party of Nassau (7:30-9 pm) Details and RSVP here.

Calling All Volunteers

If you want to stay up-to-date with this campaign and find out how best you can help us, then please consider joining our Facebook group.

We could use any and all help in the following:


Phone Banking

Data Entry

Graphic Design

Web Design

Writing Editorials and Blogs



Venue Finders

College Campus Organizers




Michael Blecher
New York City Campaign Director


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