Resilient Red Hook

"Communalism seeks to recapture the meaning of politics in its broadest, most emancipatory sense, indeed, to fulfill the historic potential of the municipality as the developmental arena of mind and discourse. It conceptualizes the municipality, potentially at least, as a transformative development beyond organic evolution into the domain of social evolution." -Bookchin

As a follower of Murray Bookchin, the left-wing philosopher of my generation, I enjoy professing the values of Communalism. Too often today, we find ourselves misled by political leaders we have fully supported, and later to be disappointed by their deceptions. Communalism is a concept designed by Bookchin to create a more democratic society, where the people are on par with the elected officials in proposing their own plans for the community.

The Resilient Red Hook committee, to me, is a step towards the philosophy of Communalism. It is a small group of Red Hook residents seeking the ideas and support of its community. But to make it successful, it must have the full inclusion of Red Hook residents. In the process of building a Communal neighborhood, each block must have committees deciding their needs and wants. Each resident must have a total commitment to transforming the community. Without the engagement of the people, there is only minor change.

Please watch this three-part series of this meeting of the Resilient Red Hook Committee. For more information, please contact: [email protected]

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