Save Kingsbrook Hospital from Cuomo

Governor Cuomo, New York Governor, is again trying to close more hospitals in Brooklyn. Except for this time, East Flatbush residents are trying to prevent him from closing their hospital. This past Thursday, residents and their allies rallied outside Kingsbrook Hospital in protest.

Reverend Patricia Malcolm, led a group of Kingsbrook nurses and others, to informed Governor Cuomo, and One Brooklyn Health, what the community's demands are in keeping the hospital open.

Our video shows DSA member, Keith Gordon, telling the people about the connections between Governor Cuomo and his donors who seem to be benefitting from Cuomo's decision to close Brooklyn hospitals. The video also has Anthony Beckford, candidate for City Council, District 45 explaining how investments are being taken from the community and they must stop.

Ira Wechsler talks about how the hospital saved his life after suffering two heart attacks.

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