"I want to talk about the politicians please, and then I want to hear from the tenants. My name is Louis, I’m from Fight for NYCHA. It’s very important to realize that not one of your politicians will show up to any of your protests and you need to know why. That's because the Real Estate Industry controls the politicians in this town." Louis Flores.

In a factsheet supplied by the city, it states, "RAD enables public housing authorities to create public-private partnerships, not privatize. NYCHA will continue to own the land and have a role in all major decision-making and oversight ... Federal funding will still support the operations and maintenance of apartments, but the funding source will shift from the Public Housing Program to a special Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) program." Switching these apartments to Section Apartments does not give the tenants any greater support, in fact, they will have fewer rights, if this is allowed to happen.

Please come out and support these tenants. Especially, if you yourself are an NYCHA resident, you might be next, because the Mayor plans to bring this RAD program to other NYCHA buildings.

Contact info:

Fight For NYCHA is working to bring public housing tenants together in an effort to hold a city-wide assembly so public housing tenants can self-determine the future of public housing in New York City.

You can contact us by telephone or text : (646) 847-9550

You can also e-mail us : team (at) mg (dot) fightfornycha (dot) org

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