The End of Public Housing in NYC

When 70,000 homeless people live in New York City shelters, and another 550,000 homeless live in tents throughout America, we should not be eliminating Public Housing. But that is precisely what Bill DeBlasio is doing. I can't bash the mayor for the national numbers, but I will for New York City homeless. The mayor's rezoning plans are the reason why we have so many homeless in New York City now. And let's not forget those greedy capitalists in REBNY.

DeBlasio is targeting 62,000 apartments for RAD. And now, with the NYCHA Blueprint, he will be moving all NYCHA apartments to section 8, where tenants will no longer have a right to say what happens to their buildings and will then be subject to rent increases. In addition, residents not already mentioned on a lease with NYCHA can be evicted.

The NYCHA plan will bring repairs and new appliances, but will the tenants still live in their apartments a year from now? I have heard residents say, "there is no place else for us to go." The sad thing about the Blueprint: no one is discussing it. The residents that know about the plan think it's all great, and who can blame them after living the way they have all of these years. But, unfortunately, not enough discussion has been had of the risks.  The tenants deserve to know the risks.  We want NYCHA to be an excellent place to live and raise families, but we want it for low and middle-income families, not market-rate tenants that will further gentrify communities.

Recently, Senator Chuck Schumer and Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez addressed a group in Harlem, where they introduced their plan to fix the problems in NYCHA by supplying 80 billion dollars to Public Housing. You can see our clip here. This money would come from President Biden's infrastructure bill. So if this bill is in the works, city and state officials must wait before acting on selling off or leasing off NYCHA buildings. Public Housing was not meant to make REBNY richer. 

If state officials approve this plan on June 10th, Public Housing will no longer exist in New York City. Please contact your Assembly rep and State Senator and tell them that you oppose the NYCHA Blueprint.

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