The Intentional Decay of NYCHA

It is no secret that NYC has intentionally let NYCHA buildings rot. The Intentional Decay of NYCHA, why, because if the decay is so terrible, the city would be forced to look for financial help somewhere else. The Federal Government has been cutting back funding for years, and the State Government too. So where does the city go for help? You got it! They go to developers.

In today's world, our trusted governments cannot be trusted as in the past. Then again, we should never have trusted government. And that is why the answer to fixing NYCHA problems is YOU! Yes, you, the public. Since our leaders are unable to find the door, we must fix problems ourselves. That's where Louis Flores comes in. Louis has been fighting battles for years, going back to trying to save Saint Vincents Hospital. He now sets his eyes on helping those that live in NYCHA Housing. The city has plans to demolition two building that is part of the Robert Fulton Houses, in Chelsea. Those buildings would be replaced with three taller buildings, and then the buildings would be managed by developers under the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD).

RAD is something Obama signed into law to help protect tenants of Public Housing, but it ain't so. When buildings are converted into the RAD system, building rules change, and a higher rate of people seem to be evicted, 10% higher in some places, rents also rise. In the case of the Robert Fulton Houses, 70% of the buildings would become market-rate apartments. Actions like this will destroy Public Housing as we know it. And the public must stop it. Please watch our video to see how Louis is approaching the situation.


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