The Possible Loss of Black History in Brooklyn


When people think about the Underground Railroad, they usually only think of Harriet Tubman, but she did not act alone. Many others risked their lives to save slaves living in the south in the 1850s. And today, there is only one stop on the railroad left. It is a house at 227 Duffield St. in Brooklyn. The house once owned by THOMAS AND HARRIET TRUESDELL is about to be torn down to make room for another highrise. And unless activist trying to save the building can convince the Landmarks Preservation Commission to preserve it, a part of Black History in Brooklyn will be gone forever. Please contact the Landmarks Preservation Commission and tell them to save this building that means so much to the Black community in Brooklyn. You can also sign the petition at this page: Please subscribe to this channel and click the bell for notifications for new videos. And go to our radio station at Thank you!

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