We Mean No

Recently, we have seen citizen struggles in Puerto Rico, Paris, Hong Kong, and Britain over the actions of governments overstepping the boundaries of government rule. In this country, we struggle against Unwanted Wars, Affordable Housing, Homelessness, and Climate Change issues and more. These have been mainly capitalist struggles, where the rich are forcing officials to change regulations in exchange for goodies, like schools, parks, and fancy urban centers. All of it is helping to create more and more gentrification that pushes low and middle-class people from their homes.

We have yet to take to the streets like those mentioned above, but that might not be for long. Last night, I witnessed residents of Sunset Park, Brooklyn, shout down City Councilman, Carlos Menchaca, and force him out of a meeting he was presenting on rezoning. Menchaca was explaining his position on rezoning Sunset Park's Industry City when people started to chant no rezoning, no compromise, over and over again. After more than an hour of repeated interruptions, the councilman put the mic down and left.

Like so many other communities, Sunset Park is facing a rezoning that will significantly impact the large immigrant community. 72% of Sunset Park is made up of immigrants from Latin, and Asian countries. And this rezoning will entitle Industry City to changes that will impact all of the low and middle-class residents, as it has in many other communities. So these residents are fighting back.


Here is the entire meeting plus a rally outside:

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