We Will Not Stand for This

"Uniform Land Use Review Procedure, the city's seven-month process, would no longer require Council approval if City Planning deems the application abides by the land-use scenario. But Council members could still opt to vote on the proposal." The Real Deal

Upzoning of primarily black and brown communities has displaced huge numbers of people of color while Mayor de Blasio has been in office. And the proposal, Intro 2186, presented by City Council Speaker, Cory Johnson, will hasten those displacements.

Yesterday, the CITYWIDE PEOPLE'S LAND USE ALLIANCE, a city-wide group of more than thirty activist organizations, protested against Johnson's plan. Calling it a racist top-down plan that will offer growth with little input from communities. The plan is to be directed by a mayoral appointed Process Director, giving communities only two hearings in the process. There will be no hearing at community boards; the Process Director will decide what 3 plans boards can choose from. 

The sole hearing on this matter took place last month without the input of 40% of the city that does not have internet access. This is not democratic in the least, and it will destroy our neighborhoods.

Here is the link to the entire rally: 

And also, a link to the proposal from Corey Johnson: https://council.nyc.gov/news/2020/12/16/planning-together/

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