When Will New York City Act on Climate Change?

Here is a letter from our friend Jorge Rebagliati to the Sonoma County Supervisors regarding Climate Change:

Dear Sonoma County Supervisors and City Councils:
While the First World is dragging its feet about the high monetary cost of mitigating Climate Change and protecting everything we value with Climate Change Deep Adaptation, and instead choosing every possible delay to the monumental actions needed, the Third World is acting with their own limited resources to give themselves a better chance in the unlivable Earth the First World has consciously and carelessly been creating.
First came the news of Cuba moving their most vulnerable populations on the island's coast to higher ground to protect them from the worst effects of Climate Change, storm surge and sea level rise.
Now the big news come from Indonesia, where president Joko Widodo publicly announced on Monday, August 26th, 2019, the relocation of Jakarta, Indonesia's capital city, where 30 million people live, to a much safer location on the island of Borneo.  Indonesia has acknowledged that because of Climate Change and bad management of their land and water resources, Jakarta is doomed, so instead of waiting for judgement day to come they are taking executive action of unprecedented level in the world.  
Indonesia to move capital from sinking Jakarta to Borneo
Will the First World follow suit or remain in the slumber of its fictitious invulnerability to Climate Change?  It is still possible to act but time is very short.
Best regards,
Jorge Rebagliati
Climate Change Emergency Declaration Campaign
"We are the ones we've been waiting for"
DECLARATION: "Climate Crisis Is Already A Major Disaster"
So occupyradio.net asks the question, when will New York City act on the needs of adaptation for our city? Our publication is based in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and except for a few phony water barriers, nothing has been done to protect a community that was deeply affected by Sandy, the super storm. So what are you doing, Mr. Mayor? What is the City Council doing to protect our city? Each neighborhood, must begin its own plan, and not wait for the city to act. The ice sheets in the arctic are melting at a faster rate than the models had predicted. If the sea-level rises faster will our city have time to act. The answer is NO!!!

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